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Ultimate Belt Set by Nickel Smart, casual belts, Titanium buckle, handcrafted full grain leather, made in the USA
Titanium Belt Set is guaranteed for life! No nickel, no defects, no breakage!
Ultimate Belt Set by Nickel Smart®
Mt. Pisgah Titanium Distressed Leather Belt, handcrafted full grain leather, made in the USA, titanium buckle
Titanium Wide Pin Black Belt, Casual belt, handcrafted full grain leather, made in the USA, Titanium wide Buckle

Ultimate Belt Set by Nickel Smart®

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We're thinking an ultimate nickel free belt set would include a dress to dress-casual black belt and a trendy, super comfortable brown belt. This ultimate belt set would have super durable and good-looking titanium buckles. Being an ultimate belt set would mean each belt would have a lifetime guarantee.

So, here it is--The Ultimate Belt Set! The prototype Black Wide Pin Belt has always been a customer favorite, so we upgraded to handcrafted full grain leather with a handsome bold wide pin titanium buckle.

The Mt. Pisgah Belts are also revered for their construction and design. In this set, the Mt. Pisgah Distressed Leather Belt has the fashionable look and incredible texture of genuine "pull-up" leather and is so amazingly comfortable there's no breaking in period!

We probably don't need to say more, just looking at these belts you'll know they are The Ultimate.

Maybe you need just one of these nickel free belts?  They are sold separately as the Titanium Wide Pin Black Belt and Mt. Pisgah Titanium Distressed Leather Belt

These Signature Series belts are guaranteed for a lifetime of worry-free wear.

Straps:  Both leather straps have been handcrafted in the USA and are 1.5 inches wide (38 mm). The Titanium Wide Pin Black Belt strap is made of full grain black leather and the Mt. Pisgah Titanium Distressed Leather Belt is made of genuine full grain "pull up" or distressed leather, and has unique texture and coloration in various shades of brown. The distressed leather appearance improves over time with color and texture changes more apparent with use.

 If you're not sure what size belt to order, see the Belt Sizing Guide