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Titanium Casual Belts - Handcrafted for style and comfort

Quality Leather - Every casual belt has been handcrafted of one solid piece of full grain leather.
Comfort - Full grain leather offers a soft, flexible fit and feel.
Doctor recommended - Dermatologists and allergists around the world recommend titanium for those with metal allergies including nickel allergy.


    Product type
    Titanium Work Belt II (Black) by Nickel Smart. Muted black leather strap with silver-tone buckle.
    Roan Mountain Titanium Belt by Nickel Smart. Soft, dark brown strap; gunmetal gray buckle.
    Smoky Mountain Titanium Belt by Nickel Smart. Black strap; silver-tone titanium buckle.
    Mt. Pisgah Titanium Leather Belt. Distressed brown leather strap with curved titanium buckle
    Titanium Work Belt II (Brown) by Nickel Smart. Solid brown leather strap; silver-y titanium buckle.
    Titanium Wide Pin Distressed Leather Belt by Nickel Smart. Casual brown strap; silver-tone buckle.
    Smoky Mountain Titanium Distressed Leather Belt by Nickel Smart. Gray strap; silver buckle.
    Titanium Work Belt (Distressed Gray). Dark gray strap; silver-tone rectangular titanium buckle.
    AJ's Gun Belt. Handcrafted in the USA. Center bar buckle sewn directly to bridle leather strap.
    Titanium Wide Pin Black Belt by Nickel Smart. Unique wide pin belt buckle on black leather strap.
    Reed Wallet wrapped in Titanium Wide Pin Distressed Leather Belt. Matching distressed leather.
    Mt. Pisgah Titanium Distressed Leather Belt & Wallet Set | Distressed leather belt with cardholder
    Titanium Belts Gift Card.  Perfect when you don't know what they want or what size they are!
    Titanium Wide Pin Brown Belt by Nickel Smart. Handcrafted in the USA. Buckle stitched to strap.
    Appalachian Mountains Titanium Belt Set by Nickel Smart. 1 brown belt; 1 black belt. Silver buckles.