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What Makes Us Special?


100% Titanium: Nickel Smart® titanium buckles are solid titanium with no plating. Non-allergenic titanium means no reaction. High quality, aerospace grade titanium is used in the manufacture of Nickel Smart titanium buckles.

Style and Design: The vast majority of our Nickel Smart titanium belts feature buckles which have been hand sewn to handcrafted leather straps. Offered in a variety of color shades and styles, these belts provide a distinct and fashionable edge to casual, work, or dress belts.

Strength and Comfort: Titanium buckles are lightweight, with a very high strength to weight ratio

An Investment


Nickel Smart titanium buckles are guaranteed to never test positive for nickel; furthermore, they are so durable that each buckle comes with a lifetime guarantee against breakage.

Serviceable: If the strap starts to show its age, or if another size is needed, the buckle can be re-used and retrofitted to a new strap, time and again

Multiple Medal Allergies?

Dermatologist & Allergist Recommended

Doctors worldwide trust and recommend the Nickel Smart® brand of superior quality titanium belts and buckles for those with nickel allergy or allergy to multiple metals like copper, zinc, cobalt.

Top 10 Reasons for buying Titanium Buckle

Top 10 Reasons for buying Titanium Buckle

Top 10 Reasons for buying a belt with a Titanium Buckle
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