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Nickel Allergy - Allergic Contact Dermatitis to Nickel


  A common symptom of metal allergy is a red, itchy rash that appears where belt buckles contact the skin 

Nickel Allergy 

 An allergy to metal, including nickel allergy, starts when the body identifies metal salts as a threat activating the immune system's response. Perspiration or any moisture causes these metal ions or salts to be easily transferred from metal accessories such as belt buckles or jewelry. 

Other Metal Allergies

While nickel allergy accounts for the majority of allergies to metal, other offending metals may include 

  • cobalt
  • copper 
  • chromium
  • zinc
  • stainless steel
  • sterling silver
  • gold -10k, 14k, 18k, 24k and white 

Nickel Allergy Symptoms

Symptoms of nickel or metal allergy typically include a significant rash with intense itching. Hives, blisters, or burn-like patches on the skin may also be a reaction to nickel and other metals. Some physicians are seeing a relationship between metal allergy and systemic symptoms such as joint or muscle pain and fatigue. 


How do you know which metal you are allergic to?

 Testing by a dermatologist or allergist specializing in allergic contact dermatitis to metals will determine which metals may be problematic, so they may be avoided. Avoidance is the only cure for metal allergy.  

Titanium is an educated choice for those with sensitive skin, or those who have had allergic reactions to metal. 

Why is Titanium Best?

Physicians recommend titanium as a safe metal for anyone who suffers with multiple metal allergies.  Topical reactions to titanium are extremely rare. In addition, titanium is a very strong, attractive, corrosion-resistant, and durable metal, making it ideal for use as a belt buckle.   

Why Trust Us?

The NickelSmart Titanium Belt Collection offers professional dress belts, super sturdy work belts, and laid-back casual belts. Whatever the occasion, choose titanium to be prepared and protected. 

Signature Series Belts: The majority of these titanium belts feature superior quality leather straps which have been handcrafted in the USA.  Most of these belts have earned the Signature Series designation, which means they come with a lifetime guarantee to never break or fail in any manner. Of course, they have the lifetime Certified Nickel Free™ guarantee as well.